4 March 2015
Winds of Change in the Cosmos

5 March 2014
Stellar Electron and Proton Shells: An Addendum to A New Cosmological Model?

28 November 2013
A New Cosmological Model?5 March 2014
Stellar Electron and Proton Shells: An Addendum to A New Cosmological Model?

28 November 2013
A New Cosmological Model?

14 August 2013
10 Year Summary of Papers
extended with evolution and cell particle kinetics papers

8 July 2013
Stem Cells at the Royal Society
Exhibition 2013

26 May 2013
Cell Walls - the Limits to Growth

16 November 2012
Completion of my new model
of physics developed over the past 10 years

25 November 2012
The Source of Energy in the Cosmos

14 May 2012 with
minor clarifications
1 September 2012

The Origin of Particles, Forces, and Electromagnetic Radiation - A New Analysis (where did all the positrons go?)

7 December 2011
Paradox, what paradox?

24 August 2011
The Decrease of the Electromagnetic Frequency of Radiation from Stars

7 July 2011
Three new covers for Kindle books in preparation

10 October 2010
Time and Space - The Sequel

10 March 2010
Reflection, Emission and Doppler Effects of Light Particles

25 January 2010
Human Evolution as a Continuous Process

16 October 2009
The Co-evolution of Species

14 August 2008
The Origins of Particles, Forces and Electromagnetic Radiation Revised

17 June 2008
The Nature of Time and the Systems of the Universe

13 March 2008
Postscript on Time and Space and the Speed of Light

16 January 2008
Recycling of Atomic Nuclei on the Scale of the Universe - A Proposed Mechanism
(Cosmic feedback!)

23 December 2007
And about time too!


7 April 2015

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biographical note updated, 2 new papers, patent list updated.


in US Published as US 8,315,350B2 Method and apparatus for heat generation granted to A.C. Sturt inventor
12 November 2012, and
Europe Patent Application 06744101.4 proceeding to grant.
I have now chosen countries for validation.

Full History of Development
updated 14 August 2013
with links to books and papers


Churinga Publishing books displayed at the

Democratic Systems now available on Kindle
(26 July 2011)

A Degree of Freedom now available on Kindle
(8 August 2011)

The Scale and Scope of Economics now available
on Kindle (8 August 2011)



15 October 2007
The Interaction of Mechanical Force with Electric Charge in Physical Systems

9 July 2007
The Anatomy of Explosion with Further Thoughts on the Electron Shells of Atoms

4 July 2007
Synchrotron Radiation and Bremsstrahlung

5 April 2007
The Nature of Dark Matter - A Suggested Composition and Mechanism

29 November 2006
Neutrons in the Structure of Atomic Nuclei including a proposed
New Structure of the Atom


Radioactive timekeeping
GB 2 405 225 B 11th year
EP 1 508 841 A2 5th year

Measurement of velocity through space
GB 2 407 225 B 9th year
EP 1 524 527 A1 5th year

Thermonuclear power generation
GB 2 426 862 A 8th year

Thermonuclear Power Generation
PCT national phase
arguments put to examiners.

US 8,315,350B2 METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR HEAT GENERATION granted to Alan Charles Sturt inventor Nov. 12 2012.

EU patent application No. 06744101.4 renewed for the 8th year.

Process for destroying radioactive materials.
PCT national phase.
Arguments put to examiners.
Further arguments put to examiners.
Disclosed to EURATOM Commission by applicant
20 Feb 2007.

Applications by A.C.Sturt of real-time
systems dynamics in science and society

in society:

  • national legal, education, health and broadcasting systems and the system of democracy itself
  • real-time economics as an alternative to the neo-classical paradigm
  • critique of the assumptions of mathematics in economic models
  • the learning-systems method applied to the neolithic transition from hunter/gatherer to farming and industry.

in science:

  • a new physical model of time, light, mass and gravity
  • a new, unified theory of light which encompasses both particle and wave behaviour
  • a theory of atomic structure which is an alternative to the Bohr models
  • an alternative to Relativity
  • a new cosmological model of the Universe, infinite in time and space, in which matter is stochastically regenerated and redistributed
  • critique of the assumptions of mathematical physics since their invention by Newton.
  • new paradigm of evolution

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