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Books and publications on the interaction of systems in real time. Economics, politics, science.


The Scale and Scope of Economics

Economics in real time, the new paradigm of growth processes and development from the earliest beginnings. A descriptive analysis.



Hardback edition 1995

Printed by Biddles,

pp269 including Index

50 Figures, 1 Table




ISBN 0-9526736-2-2

©1984 A C Sturt



A Degree of Freedom

Exposition of systems from first principles: interactions, feedback, optimisation, processes of change. Even some philosophy, in the context of time. Innovative approach.


Hardback edition 1995

Printed by Biddles,

pp133 including Index

19 Figures, 1 Table



ISBN 0-9526736-1-4

©1993 A C Sturt



Democratic Systems

Innovative analysis of modern industrial democracy as a system, including the four national systems which are its foundation: legal, education, health and broadcasting.


Hardback edition 1995

Printed by Biddles,

pp103 including Index

7 Figures, 2 Tables





ISBN 0-9526736-0-6

©1994 A C Sturt



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